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Sellerant accelerates revenue growth for your business with a strategic, target account prospecting and sales enablement engine.

We prepare your strategy to scale, then build and integrate systems, tools and processes to drive growth. Our experts then integrate with your leadership to execute a and oversee your sales initiatives and operations.

Sellerant’s managed sales enablement services are the fastest, most cost effective solution to scale your business. We assess your growth readiness, brand and market position. We evaluate, implement and optimize your sales systems, playbooks and processes. We then seamlessly integrate with your leadership to execute and oversee expert sales enablement initiatives and revenue growth operations.

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3 Phases to Scale


Strategic Growth Readiness + Team Integration

We facilitate a series of strategic sessions designed to assess and evaluate your current business state. This phase involves:

  • Examining your market position, unique value proposition, and existing KPIs
  • Creating or updating buyer personas using qualitative and quantitative data from all available sources
  • Auditing your brand and messaging, including all assets and marketing campaigns
  • Reviewing and analyzing your existing sales operations to optimize new customer acquisition


Systems + Operations

We manage the integration of the latest sales technology and tools into your tech stack. This phase involves:

  • Implementing a customized configuration of HubSpot Sales Pro
  • Integrating a VoIP telephone system, email provider, and project management system
  • Developing digital content assets to support sales outreach
  • Creating a sales process playbook


New Business Development + Sales

We manage the implementation of a sales outreach program built on the insights and assets from the first two phases. This phase involves:

  • Sourcing target accounts
  • Inbound and outbound sales outreach
  • Leadership from a fractional Sales Operations Manager
  • Periodic KPI reviews and an option to renew every three months