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What will your revenue look like 12 months from now?

There’s no shortage of theory, metrics and methodologies about product-market fit. At Sellerant, we like to keep it simple:

  • Know your customers and their problems better than your competition does.
  • Find, engage and earn the confidence of your customers that you can best solve their problems.
  • Align your solution with their view of the problem (not yours!). Make your offer easy to understand, try and buy.
If it’s that easy, why do so many startups fail? Sellerant has the answer, and your solution to launch faster.

What steps pave the way for early sales?

The road to new revenue isn’t as littered with obstacles as founders might believe. Start with a passion for the problem before the product. Then, “get into character” of your ideal customer. Here’s your customer profile worksheet.

Your customer profile is the blueprint for your go-to-market strategy. It aligns your solution with their problems and needs, so your core brand message will engage them.

As your customer conversations unfold, focus on how and why your solution best solves their problem. When that alignment is affirmed, demonstrate the functional value your solution delivers. Tie it all together with an offer that prompts your customers to say, “I want to buy that!”.

Learn how Sellerant can help your startup launch and win early sales, so you achieve product-market fit and scale faster.


Strategic Market Readiness

Sellerant expert market launch facilitators work with founders and stakeholders to:

  • Profile the ideal target customer
  • Define and optimize elements of the offer
  • Map and implement the customer journey
  • Craft the core brand message
  • Create the content development platform
  • Hone and refine the unique value proposition


Launch Systems Integration

Systems, processes and tools prepared and installed by Sellerant’s lean startup experts enable a fast, focused and cost-effective market launch.

  • Fully managed, launch-optimized HubSpot implementation
  • Sales automation and AI integration for market intelligence
  • Revenue operations and communications systems


Sales Development Sprint

Sellerant’s launch marketing and sales experts operate as part of your founding team to:

  • Profile, find and research target customer accounts
  • Engage prospects with innovative, personalized content
  • Qualify problem/solution alignment and sales opportunity development
  • Implement, execute and manage marketing and sales enablement strategies, systems, skills and assets
  • Operate as a strategic partner with your leadership throughout the entire customer journey and sales process
  • We capture and analyze your target customer sales interactions. We validate and forecast your realistic revenue opportunity. When repeatable revenue and product/market fit are achieved, we integrate and execute strategy, marketing and sales to scale growth for your startup.