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This three-phase program helps you prepare your early-stage startup to engage your market and validate your service or product.

We will work together to gather and evaluate customer feedback, develop your sales pipeline, and build out your tech stack.

The Kickstart Program provides a framework to identify and overcome these issues in your startup’s earliest stages. You can make significant course corrections during this time and spend fewer resources than you would in a later growth stage. Our program helps you accomplish this and other crucial steps to validate your product or service and assess your readiness for growth.

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Kickstart Phases


Founder Readiness

We prepare founders to make stage- and budget-aligned decisions for their startup. This phase involves:

  • Identifying your early adopters
  • Evaluating your buyer problem and solution
  • Building your unique value proposition (UVP)


Sales Tech Stack + Processes

We help you plan and build a set of integrated processes and sales tech solutions. This gives you a systemic foundation to launch growth campaigns. This phase involves:

  • Facilitated strategic planning
  • A full brand audit
  • Reviewing your solution and market fit
  • Developing your brand messaging
  • Building out a startup-optimized tech stack


Business Development Validation Sprint

Sellerant’s startup market development experts operate as a direct extension of your team to execute:

  • Sourcing prospects from your early adopters
  • Outbound direct engagement
  • Product-market validation
  • Offer presentation
  • Sales pipeline development