Certified HubSpot Onboarding

Using the objectives-based HubSpot onboarding methodology, we provide you with a customized configuration, dedicated onboarding specialist, ongoing training, and proactive support for your successful HubSpot implementation.

Account Setup

We create your company profile, add and configure user access and permissions, integrate with tools and platforms, and establish your baseline settings. This includes branding, website tracking code, IP filtering, email and calendar integration instructions, and default language and currency settings. 

Data Migration

Migrating from another CRM or marketing automation platform? Not to worry! We’ll seamlessly and securely transfer your existing data into your new HubSpot portal, so you retain important contact, company and deal data. We’ll also provide you with a pre-formatted contact and company records import template.

Tools Configuration 

HubSpot offers a vast array of tools for marketing automation, sales enablement, customer service, and more. We’ll configure these tools according to your business needs and processes. We’ll connect your domains, set up object properties, and create lead funnels, deal pipeline stages, service queues, and more. 

Reporting & Analytics

HubSpot provides robust reporting and analytics capabilities, so you can monitor and analyze revenue growth KPIs. Our custom, growth-focused sales and marketing performance dashboard gives you actionable insights into all your marketing campaigns and channels, along with sales activities and outcomes.


Automation is the key to scale your revenue operations, enabling real-time lead segmentation, prospect nurturing, and marketing campaign execution. We’ll start you off with a set of workflows designed to automate many CRM tasks, so you can focus your efforts on growing revenue.

Training & Support

To help your team succeed with HubSpot, we provide hands-on training along with curated user content and ongoing support all throughout the configuration and onboarding program. After onboarding, Sellerant services can equip you with the strategy, systems, and skills to leverage HubSpot’s full potential.

Use HubSpot Onboarding to Set Growth Goals

Using the Objectives Based HubSpot Onboarding approach, we’ll partner with you to provide the expertise, resources, and skills to reach your HubSpot goals.

Sales Hub

  • Reach prospects & accelerate sales

  • Report on performance

  • Automate pipeline

Marketing Hub

  • Capture, convert & engage

  • Automate & personalize marketing

  • Measure traffic & understand results

Service Hub

  • Streamline customer support

  • Help customers help themselves

  • Measure & track feedback and performance


  • Optimize your website

  • Measure website activity / goals

  • Capture leads

The HubSpot Onboarding Roadmap

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Victoria Moreno
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