• Sales Lead Development & Prospect Qualification
  • New Customer Acquisition Sales
  • Account Based Sales Development
  • Strategic Partner Programs 
  • Sales CRM Setup & Training (HubSpot & Salesforce.com specialists)
  • Sales Hiring, Training & Coaching
  • Sales Playbook & Operations Toolkit
  • Sellerant consists of highly experienced sales executives, not consultants or vendors. We quickly produce new sales wins as a dedicated and seamless extension of your team. Unlike traditional outsourced sales firms, Sellerant is 'all in' with your business.
  • In addition to developing and refining sales systems, tactics and tools, we execute high-volume sales lead development and prospect qualification, negotiate pricing and terms, prepare and deliver proposals, and ultimately close deals to capture new revenue. In other words, we're always selling for your business.
  • Sellerant offers an especially cost effective, results-driven sales solution for immediate and sustainable revenue growth without the expense, time and burden of building and operating a captive sales team.
  • All Sellerant services are available collectively or individually on a per-project need basis.
  • Sellerant service fees are performance-based, and flexible based on revenue goal achievements, engagement scope and project deliverables.

Learn about our custom-tailored sales solutions for each of our primary client partner types below.


Optimize every customer prospect to increase deal win rates, accelerate revenue acquisition and reduce overall cost of sales across your entire portfolio with a Sellerant sales partnership.


Your first 25 sales wins drive your next 500. How do you start up your revenue engine and build pipeline in a new market space with little or no prior customer engagement data? We’ll show you.

Emerging Companies

Potential buyers today are more sophisticated, self-sufficient and savvy than ever before. Supercharge your sales systems and resources to engage – and win – the new digital economy customers.