Founders aren’t getting the traction they want.

Sellerant delivers strategy, marketing & sales to launch & scale.

Market Validation with Early Sales

Find and win new customers. Get product-market fit. Build your revenue engine to scale.

You built it. Will your customers buy it? Answer this critical question with the right launch strategy, a clear brand message to attract and engage your ideal customer, a hyper-efficient marketing and sales engine, and an offer that delivers value with every sale. Need help? Sellerant is your startup launch ally.

Launch Readiness Checklist

  • You have an early product offer and some capital.
  • You’re pre-revenue or have some first customers.
  • You need strategic early stage B2B marketing and sales expertise, right now.

Scale Readiness Checklist

  • Customers like your people and product.
  • You’re quickly approaching or beyond $5m+ revenue.
  • Getting more customers is stressing teams & profits. You want to sell more, faster & easier.

Expertise, Execution and Growth Engine

Brand playbook? Check. Strategic roadmap? Check. Kick ass marketing and sales team? Check. Growth tech stack? Check. Better check again…

You’ve got the traction, team and tech. Why is it so costly and hard to grow sales? Accelerate your growth, control spend and increase profits with integrated strategy, systems, and skills powered by an efficient revenue growth engine. That’s Sellerant’s recipe – the secret sauce to scale your business.

“After engaging Sellerant we quickly evolved from startup to full-on growth mode.”

Ryan Pelerin, Founder, WSM International

“Growing our Business with Sellerant using HubSpot”

We have been working with Sellerant for over 2 years, and they have been instrumental in the success of our growing business. [The team] has helped us clarify/unify our messaging, create and manage our marketing and sales engines using HubSpot, and guided us through large operational changes to begin our journey into Product Led Growth. We would recommend Sellerant to other businesses like ours who are looking to grow their business from a small, outgoing-sales driven vehicle to a growing, inbound-sales growth rocket ship. Thank you, Sellerant team!

Fernando Uribe, VP of Operations, Quickride

“Incredibly efficient, effective sales enablement”

We retained Sellerant as our new outsourced SDR team and they immediately filled our pipeline with qualified leads. In addition to handling all new inbound leads from website chat, paid ads and content placement campaigns, they worked outbound campaigns to our stale Salesforce leads and set new meetings for our AE’s. They also took on a co-selling campaign with our largest partner, worked with our marketing team on a new ABM strategy, and influenced over $1.6m in new revenue within 90 days. Incredible value, outstanding results.

Amanda Doolittle, RevOps Manager, Connectria

“We appreciate Team Sellerant!”

Today, I’m especially grateful for our collaboration with and guidance from the team at Sellerant. They help us with our sales and marketing which encompasses many things. Way back we went through their startup kickstart and it was a giant leap ahead for us in how we see and present our business. We are in another phase with them now as they add Reseller Recruitment to our existing sales and marketing.

Rob Cammack, Founder/CEO, SmartDrone

“Best branding expert I have worked with”

We acquired Sellerant’s services for branding and communication consultation with our startups who were targeting the US market for expansion. Kenan Rappuchi is a very well-prepared professional, we only received excellent feedback about his workshops, and his expertise is well worth the price.

Kata Magyar, Partner/Innovation Program Manager, Smart Landing Program