Our Leadership

Kenan Rappuchi
Kenan RappuchiFounder, CEO & Chief Growth Officer

With over 3 decades of B2B sales experience across industries including cloud, IT services & solutions, software, engineering/ R&D, professional services, financial services and specialty consumer products from OEM to distribution and retail levels, Kenan has learned from the best about… More

Brian Talbot
Brian TalbotStrategic Growth Advisory

Brian does what it takes to get the job done. He drives communication, collaboration and innovation as a strategist and storyteller. As a change agent, creating client value and goal-focused results, Brian guides both strategy and execution for business growth and marketing solutions. More

Victoria Moreno
Victoria MorenoDirector, Client Services

Victoria is a “people” person, which is a good thing because as the leader of Client Services, she works with Sellerant clients to ensure value in the integration of sales and marketing to support their business acceleration. More

Zach West
Zach WestGrowth Marketing Technology Advisor

Zach has ten years of inbound and outbound marketing experience, including a graduate degree in marketing from Texas A&M. He’s a certified expert in the configuration and implementation of sales and marketing tech stacks. More

Ada Ryland
Ada RylandFounder Advisory

Ada is a specialist and expert advisor on the early-stage of startups. She helps entrepreneurs ask better questions as they navigate their founder’s journey. As an advisor, she trains and coaches entrepreneurs, founding teams, and… More

Marty Katz
Marty KatzAdvisor, Strategic Brand Messaging

Marty Katz is a branding and messaging consultant. He works with business leaders who are responsible for growth and they are not getting the sales they want. They are not connecting with their target audiences because… More

Thomas Rayas
Thomas RayasAdvisor, Operational Excellence

Thomas always brings his A-game and expects those around him to do the same. Over 25 years of B2B sales, marketing, business development, and strategic partnerships has matured Thomas into a customer-focused, executive thought leader… More