Growth Acceleration for Investors

Increase Efficiency of Your Startup Capital

Which startups should I invest in? What factors make a startup more likely to succeed? Sellerant can help you answer these questions to identify, evaluate, and accelerate growth for startups that fit your entrepreneurial investment strategy.

  • Identify high potential deals faster
  • Streamline the due diligence process
  • Help startups leverage early adopter ‘quick wins’
  • Discover the truth about lead pipeline and deal flow
  • Know the ‘real world’ startup revenue growth potential
  • Reduce risk across your innovation investment portfolio

Is It The Right Time To Invest In This Startup?

For any startup, market timing is just as important as revenue. A startup can have the best product in the market, but if that market isn’t ready today the startup will probably fail. Failure must happen fast, with minimum capital loss.

What we were doing was very early in the market. If we had waited four or five years to start, we could have had a different outcome. We raised money early on, but by the time we were getting some traction we couldn’t raise enough to outlive the sales and payment cycles to get into the black.

Matt Wilbanks
Entrepreneur, CEO and Co-Founder, HelpSocial

Startup Evaluation

Growth Readiness

Startup Genome research found that premature scaling is the leading cause of startup failure. Why? Because most startup founders think they are further along than they really are. How do you know if a startup is ready? Sellerant’s Growth Acceleration Starting Grid was designed to help an investor answer these critical questions and more, to identify better startup investment opportunities faster and more consistently.

Go To Market

  • Have I validated product market fit? 
  • Who are my early adopters? 
  • Why do they love my product?
  • How big is my market? Can I prove it?

Revenue Readiness

  • What does my sales pipeline look like? How is it measured?
  • How many prospects will I reach this quarter?
  • Is my pricing competitive, and profitable?
  • What is my total customer lifetime value?

Growth Acceleration

Integrated Sales & Marketing For Startups

Sales drives early adopter revenue growth for startups. Marketing learns from early adopter customers, to develop campaigns, content and channels that drive inbound demand. 

How does a startup balance sales and marketing strategies to accelerate growth?

  • A systematic focus on sales development metrics and deal flow intelligence that feeds marketing
  • A marketing strategy that employs an accelerated timeline of test, measure, evaluate, iterate, execute, repeat 
  • Applying outcomes and learnings in faster ‘sprints’ to manage investments based on growth milestones

From Growth To Scaling

Strategies, Staff & Systems Built To Scale

Is growth hacking a good strategy for a startup? In a word, no. 

For a startup to scale, it needs the fundamental systems and plans already in place to support hiring, onboarding and training. Sellerant’s managed growth operations help startups scale faster, with less cost, burden and risk, helping investors more quickly identify barriers to scale across entire portfolios.

  • Fully managed, Enterprise-class CRM, Sales and Marketing Automation Platforms
  • Stage aligned, budget aligned sales and marketing staff resources to help hire, train and augment core teams
  • Persistent focus on startup sales and marketing KPI’s, enabling faster decision-making and strategic planning

At the time, our sales pipeline development and channel partner program were based on a set of ad hoc processes that could not effectively support growth at scale. We didn’t have an effective CRM, lead intake process, or method for optimizing the sales cycle.

Ryan Pelerin
Founder & CEO, WSM International
(Acquired by Connectria, a Bregal Sagemount company)

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