Fire up your sales engine.


We shift from sending a sales proposal to setting up HubSpot (or another platform you choose), followed by a deep dive needs assessment and then immediately to a prospecting call - all on a moment’s notice.

Our startup company engagement covers every critical task to produce new revenue as quickly as possible, while simultaneously building the sales engine that will power your next phase of growth.

Small Investment. Big Output.

Sellerant brings a comprehensive network of marketing resources, demand generation tools and tactics, expertly developed sales correspondence and content, and a massive contact rolodex in most every industry and customer type – all included with your engagement.

With the foundation in place an average Sellerant sales day includes at least 40 outreach activities, 15 productive direct contacts and 2 or more qualified prospects delivered to your pipeline.

Fast Results. Repeatable Process.

The key to success for any startup is enabling new revenue acquisition at scale.

This requires a multi-faceted sales strategy that delivers consistent effort and results in a dynamic and often undeveloped market, while simultaneously anticipating, identifying, executing on - and measuring - future revenue opportunities.

Sellerant’s startup sales services produce critical new revenue today, while defining, compiling, analyzing and leveraging key customer engagement data points, sales processes, materials, tactics and tools that ensure sustainable, measurable growth tomorrow and beyond.

Contact Sellerant today for more details about our startup sales accelerator programs. We’ll have you celebrating new acquisition customer revenue in short order.


Optimize every customer prospect to increase deal win rates, accelerate revenue acquisition and reduce overall cost of sales across your entire portfolio with a Sellerant sales partnership.


Your first 25 sales wins drive your next 500. How do you start up your revenue engine and build pipeline in a new market space with little or no prior customer engagement data? We’ll show you.

Emerging Companies

Potential buyers today are more sophisticated, self-sufficient and savvy than ever before. Supercharge your sales systems and resources to engage – and win – the new digital economy customers.